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This is the Summer House of the French garden.

Next to the summer house is the Petit Trianon.  Louis XV had this built so he could indulge in his interest in botany.

This picture is really a series of buildings called The Hamlet.  “Marie-Antoinette (the wife of Louis XVI) longed for the simple life of a peasant.  Not the hard labor of real peasants – who sweated and starved around her – but the fairy-tale world of simple country pleasures.  She built this complex of 12 buildings as her own private village…The harvest was served at Marie's table.  Marie didn’t do much work herself, but she “supervised,” dressed in a plain white muslin dress and a straw hat….Like any typical peasant farmhouse, it had a billiard room, library, elegant dining hall, and two living rooms.” – Rick Steve’s Paris.

This is the Temple of Love.

We ate some lunch at this Café below.  I had a ham, egg, and cheese crepe and a Jam Crepe.  Yum.

This is the back side of the Chateau.

The Chateau was unbelievable.  The most unbelievable room was the one above which was called The Hall of Mirrors.  This is where the Treaty that ended WWI was signed.

This is of the Chateau as we were leaving.

As we were leaving I was able to get this shot of Louis XIV with the Sun behind his head.  Louis liked to be known as the “Sun King”.  I’m sure he would’ve approved. 

As we were walking around Paris we noticed a few postcards and pictures that had the Eiffel Tower in the process of being built.  The second to last picture usually looked like the one below, with just the top missing.  I got the same effect with a few clouds.

This is the Army Museum which we toured.  There was a really good section that was recently added that deals with WWII.  One of the other main attraction was a famous painting of Napoleon by Ingres.

Above is the dome that sits above ...

Napoleon's Tomb.  It's a pretty big tomb.

Here I am thinking that it is just about time to go.

This is the back end of the Rodin Museum.  Auguste Rodin was the sculptor who did the Thinker, the Gates of Hell and many other famous works (some of which were destroyed in the collapse of the Twin Towers).
And that concludes the Paris tour...  Now we're off to London.