How well do you know London?

The Tube


  1. Above there is a map of the London Underground (people in the U.S. call it "The Subway", people in London usually refer to it as "The Tube"). There are 28 hotspots that you can click on to see a picture of a nearby landmark and some commentary.
  2. Click the Yes option next to the name of the place you found once you have found a landmark.
  3. Just hit the back button to get back to this page. Your previous responses should be saved.
  4. When you are done click the submit button to show the author how many sites you found.

Note: Except for "Trip to Bath" (hint: upper left hand corner) everything is roughly where it should be. Kew Gardens Natural History Museum Paddington Station Harrods Buckingham Palace Piccadilly Circus Big Ben, Parliment, Westminster Abbey Covent Garden Trafalgar Square Leicester Square British Library British Museum Soho Saint Paul's Tower of London Tower Bridge London Bridge Bramah Coffee and Tea Museum Somerset House Tate Modern/Millennium Bridge Bath View across the Thames from the Tate Aquarium Southwark Victoria Station Tate Monument The Globe Replica Blackfriars Bridge Blackfriars Bridge

Were you able to find...
Just Show it to me (below)
The British Library?
Victoria Station?
The Tate Museum?
Southwark Cathedral?
The British Museum?
Trip to Bath?
Saint Paul's Cathedral?
London Bridge?
Piccadilly Circus?
Big Ben, Parliment, & Westminster Abbey?
The Aquarium?
The Somerset House?
The Tower of London?
Transparent Picture
Trafalgar Square?
The view across the Thames from the Tate?
The Tower Bridge?
The Millenneum Bridge seen from the Tate Modern?
Kew Gardens?
Shakespeare's Globe Replica?
Blackfriars Bridge?
Leicester Square?
Covent Garden?
Buckingham Palace?
The Monument?
The Bramah Tea and Coffee Museum?
Soho Square?
Paddington Station?
The Natural History Museum?
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