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Paris’ oldest public clock (1334) which still keeps accurate time.

This is Place Dauphine where Mom and Dad buried our dog.  (When I was a youngster our dog's name was Dauphine).

This is the Hotel we stayed in.  It's called the Hotel Londres Eiffel (Hotel Londen Eiffel).  Plenty of English is spoken here.

The next day we traveled the Metro (subway) up to the biggest hill in Paris which is called Montmartre.  At the top of Montmartre is Sacre Cour (Sacred Heart).

Montmartre is where the artists of Paris have hung out for hundreds of years.  They have set up shop just behind Sacre Cour.

This is a place called the Lapin Agile Cabaret.  If you look closely in the upper right there is a picture of an agile rabbit balancing a bottle of wine as he jumps into a pot.  Picasso and his buddies used to hang out here.  Once they tied a paintbrush to the tail of the owner’s donkey and entered the “abstract painting” that ended up in the Salon (Paris’ art school).  It won critical acclaim and sold for a nice price.

We went to the Dali Museum and the Montmartre Museum and viewed the Vineyards behind the museum.  Then we got some lunch at La Maison Rose (The Rose House) and then continued our journey.

Diane is standing in front of Renoir’s home.

Diane is standing in front of Bateau-Lavoir which was Picasso’s Studio.  Georges Braque and Juan Gris also hung out there.

Only two windmills still stand on a hill that was once dotted with them.  The one below, Moulin de la Galette became a popular dance hall.  Renoir’s Bal du Moulin de La Galette  which we saw the next day at the Orsay shows the dance hall in its heyday.

This is me standing in front of Van Gogh’s house.  Of all the paintings I saw in the Orsay the next day, or for the whole trip for that matter.  Van Gogh was my favorite.

They were advertising the Moulin Rouge movie right next to...

The Moulin Rouge is the other surviving windmill.  This is where can-can dances can still dance. Oooh La La!

The rest of the walk was interesting.  We did stop and visit the Erotic museum.  All seven floors of it.

I caught this old lady coming out of the SEX shop.  What do you think she was doing in there?