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Backing away from the Eiffel Tower we headed to our next stop...

The Arc de Triumph

Looking one way from atop the Arc was Grand Army Road which leads to the financial district of Paris.

Looking the other way was the Champs-Elysees which is the main shopping area in Paris.

This is the Four Seasonís in Paris.  It's very Ritzy.  We didnít stay there.  It would've put us a bit over budget.

Here is a view from our Hotel window looking up at the Eiffel Tower.  Remember the other picture looking down?

The next five pictures are from a boat ride that we took along the Seine.  This first picture is the side of the Pont des Invalides bridge.

I think this is a picture of  the Louve.  It was once Parisí biggest palace, now it's Europeís biggest museum.

This is the Samaritaine Department store which we went to the top of on our first day.  There is a great view up there.

is the end of the Louvre and Notre Dame.

This was my favorite photo of the Eiffel Tower.

The next day we finally got some good weather and we headed to Versailles.  This is the Town Hall in Versailles.  Versailles was the home of Franceís most illustrious King Louis XIV who reigned for 73 years (1643 Ė 1715)

Here we are approaching the Chateau.

This is the backyard.  You canít see all eight miles of it in this picture.

This is the Grand Trianon which was Louisís palace away from palace.  Louis used to have the flowers changed in the backyard daily so that he could enjoy a different nasal cocktail everyday.