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First stop, The First Starbucks

The Seattle Art Museum

Seattle Skyline from the top of the Meditteranean Inn


The EMP Museum

If 6 was 9 (the name of the guitar sculpture)



Really good exhibit on Horror Films


Why is Superman Headless?


Stardate July 15, 2012, The Trouble with Tribbles is that they mess up your chair


Space Needle

Reflections on top of the Space Needle

Seattle from atop the Space Needle

The top of the EMP Museum from the top of the Space Needle

Downtown Seattle

This one speaks for itself

Pioneer Square, the start of the Underground tour

Seattle Skyline July 16th at 9:26 PM

Seattle Skyline July 16th at 9:31 PM

The Ferry to Bainbridge Island with Bill Walker


The salmon was good and the view was great

The Seattle Library



The Seattle Aquarium from the Ferris Wheel


From inside the WA State Convention and Trade Center


Fisheye lens on Norwegian Cruise line (Why would Norwegians want to see Alaska?)


Inside the Seattle Aquarium

The Bronze Pig at Pike's Place

Fountain and Wedding in front of the Seattle Aquarium

F5 Networks from the Bike trail