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Inside the Collesium
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This is a famous sculpture in the Vatican Museum.  Everyone was crowded around it.   I had to chop off their heads ( in the picture).
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I don't think this place would go over so well in the States.  Can you make out the name?
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Here is the angel below the angel.
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This was in Piazza Navona.  It was originally a raceway for chariots.  This is one of Benini's Fountains.
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I was in awe when we came around the corner to view the 2000 year old Pantheon.
Diane's reaction: "This is it?"
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Trevi Fountain.  We threw some coins in which is supposed to ensure our return to Rome.
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Here is a view of St. Peter's Square from the top of St. Peter's Basillica.
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This is another section of the Vatican viewed from atop St. Peter's Basillica