Good day today

September 14th, 2017

Met w/Dr. Mittler and got a signed P&S today. Good Day. :)
No posts for 7 years?!? What’s up w/ that?!?
Good day though. :)

Summer half over

July 31st, 2010

With the summer half over everything appears to be on schedule. Diane is taking two weeks off before starting her new job. She’s excited about the new job and the two weeks off in the middle of the summer.

I continue to plod along working on the tin ceilings. I’m almost done. I’ve asked the painter to order the paint. After that new windows and moldings plus more plastering. I have a plasterer lined up, but I still need to line up someone to do the windows and moldings. After that the floor needs to beĀ  done. Once the floor is done, we are going to call phase one complete. We plan to take next year off from doing home improvements. A nice vacation or two is going to be in order.

Phase two will be the dining room, but that is not scheduled to start until Spring of 2012. Phase three will be the kitchen. That may be 2013 or 2014, who knows?

School starts up in September. I’ve signed up for a couple of classes. I hope to be done my core MBA courses at Babson by December of 2011. We’ll see how that goes. I had to take last semester off due to the work that had piled last fall.

On the rental front, we may be closing in on an agreement.

Summer! almost

June 2nd, 2010

We went up to York Beach Maine to celebrate Memorial Day with my folks. The work on the rental is complete. Now we just need to rent it. It was been a long process, but we think it was worth it. The Red Sox are looking better and the Celtics are going to the finals! My folks are headed to Germany on Thursday. I signed up to find out what tribes my DNA is from. I should get the results in a few weeks. Things are going well at the moment. Let’s see how long it’ll last.


May 3rd, 2010

We are definitely ready to show our place. We have a few minor loose ends that we would like to wrap up. The driveway needs more Starpack. We have some furniture that we want to take to the Household Goods Ministry. Last weekend we did all of the painting that we wanted to get done. We had a little surprise. Some of the siding on the back of the house peeled away in the wind because some of the boards had rotted. The Health Dept. in Carlisle got back to me. I still need to schedule an inspection. The shed should be going in on the 19th of May although I still haven’t received the paperwork. We’re starting to look closer at the work that we have to do in Lowell. The next focus there is on the tin ceiling in the master bedroom. We’re moving things out of that bedroom so that we can work there.

Almost done

April 26th, 2010

The inside of our house in Carlisle is basically ready to show. The outside still needs some touch up. I have not gotten the paperwork from ReedsFerry regarding the new shed so I have to call them to find out what is up. They said they would be sending me out the contract over two weeks ago and we still haven’t received it. I also need to call the Health inspector to get an inspection done.

Pre-opening day

April 2nd, 2010

Connected with an Electrician. He will be by on Saturday between 9 and 9:30 AM to scope out the work needed.

The plasterer came by Wednesday and fixed up the middle bedroom.

He said he can help me move my pinball machine.

Home opener of the Red Sox vs. Yankees on Sunday. We’re staying in the Park Plaza Hotel Saturday night so we can enjoy the whole weekend.

Met with the insurance adjuster this morning.

March 29th, 2010

This weekend we cleaned the kitchen counter, got rid of one truckload of trash, one truckload of wood and one truckload of a computer rack that we decided that we didn’t need anymore. We also raked up the rest of the yard. We’re almost ready to get ready to rent again.

We’re not planning on doing anything next weekend because we’re going to the Red Sox home opener against the Yankees. Thousands of other people are planning on the same thing, so it should be fun. If the weather is nice we’re planning on renting a hotel room in the city. We’re going to make the call on Wednesday. We’ll keep our fingers crossed regarding the weather.

Tomorrow we hope to get the plumbing all taken care of, but we still need to take care of the electrical work which includes adding some switches to our panel, adding a meter to our own place and having some lighting put in. We still need to line up an electrician. We also need to line up someone to install a shed.

March 22nd, 2010

This past weekend we burned brush and raked leaves.

We decided on a location for a new shed.

We talked about options for the driveway and deck, and decided to hold off for the time being.

Joe should be out to fix the tub, it’s still leaking.

Next weekend we hope to make a dump run, finish raking the leaves, fix the ceiling tiles, level off the area where the shed is going to go and start painting some of items that need painting.

Hello world!

March 22nd, 2010

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