Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal '16 Picture Page Click on the pictures for full resolution pictures

Early morning arrival

We were tired

The view was great

Lagoa Azul (Blue Lake)

Lagoa Verde (Green Lake)

We walked around Lagoa Verde


View from the Deck


Sunrise from the Deck


Dream House

Casa Dos Barcos Furnas

Lagoa das Furnas

Lagoa das Furnas

The Southwestern Edge of Sao Miguel

Another Sunrise from the Deck

Cha Gorreana

Cha Gorreana

Cha Gorreana

Cha Gorreana

Cha Gorreana tasting room

The only place in Europe where tea is grown

Cha Gorreana

Cha Gorreana - Left Entrance

Cha Gorreana - Right Entrance

The Chruch near the Dream House

Waiting for our lunch at Tony's restaurant

Lunch has arrived!

Furnas Water

Artesanato e Moagem

Upside down Furnas house

Boat from Vila Franca Do Campo to Ilheu da Vila

Ilheu da Vila

Our last dinner in the middle of the street

The End