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We flew from Zurich to Naples via the Alps

We stayed in Sorrento, but our first day out we went to Pompeii

We were suprised how much art had survived

This is the old downtown with Vesuvius in the background

This was the original Bertucci's Brick oven pizzeria

This was the House of Isis. Chris used to love the show Isis on Saturday mornings as a kid

The auditorium started to fill up after we arrived

There was a second auditorium

On the other side of town they also had an ampitheatre

They could have as many as three performances a night cancelled due to rain

Our hotel was right next to a big lemon grove where we bought some lemoncello from this woman

She was kind enough to take our picture in the lemon grove as long as we hawked her lemoncello ;-)

This was the entrance to the lemon grove. That's my finger pointing to the picture

Tasso Square in downtown Sorrento. The name Sorrento is from the Greek word for Siren

Sorrento is split in the middle by a giant gorge

Italy '07 Pictures 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10