Chris & Diane's 2018 Yule Blog

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Happy Holidays, from Chris & Diane Geggis!
<- Christmas in NYC

Note: If you click on the pics you'll get full resolution.
Christmas in NYC and New Year's Eve at Warp & Weft
Good times interuptus
Ski accident, 1/9/2018 at 2:22 PM on Gunstock Mtn.

Gov. Baker at the St. Patrick's Day dinner in Lowell
A night on the towne
Ficher Cats in Manchester, NH
UMass Lowell Accelerator tour
Birthday at Minuteman field
York Beach 4th of July
BrewFest in Dover, NH
More York Beach
Harvard Museum of Natural History
Anne & Ron visited York Beach & Lowell
Lowell Folk Festival
Marion visit
Fun times on Nabnasset Lake w/Bob & Kathleen
Karen & Todd visited from Oregon
Postal Boat ride on Lake Winnipesaukee
Mike & Betsy's Wedding celebration
Saw the Red Sox break the franchise win record!
We saw win 105, but they went on to win 108
Topsfield Fair
Met with old friends from UML Physics at Warp & Weft
NAHS Reunion planning at The Loft
NE Aquarium visit

Plays seen this year at the MRT:
Lost Laughs: The Slapstick Tragedy of Fatty Arbuckle
Little Orphan Danny
The Villains' Supper Club
Murder for Two
Native Gardens
Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley
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