Chris & Diane's 12th Annual 2017 Yule Blog

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Happy Holidays, from Chris & Diane Geggis!
<- Christmas in Maine last year (for a change)

Note: If you click on the pics you'll get full resolution.
Skiing at Gunstock
Alyssa Faulkner's X0 Birthday
Dining before Theater Night
Top Down on Feb. 23rd!
Wolf Pack Ski Weekend
Gov. Baker at the St. Patrick's Day dinner in Lowell
Dinner & Symphony ProMusica
Purchased [awesome] photo from Sotita Om Photography
Son Volt at the Paradise
The Shods at Uncharted
Which Island?
The big island [Hawaii]
and Oahu
Spinners Opening Day
Actual Deck Chair from the Titanic
at the Peobody Essex Museum
Lots of biking this year
Salisbury Beach and Wormtown Brewery
My sister and her husband came up to Maine for a week
Saw some great comedy in Hampton
Lowell Folk Festival had perfect weather
Toronzo Cannon was awesome
The Bresnahans and Brennans visited Maine
A rare sighting of 2 streetcars together
Note that one of them is named Desire
Comedy in Cambridge
Dinner on the deck at cousin Cathie's
Bonus visit from her sister Leslie
Purchased Jack White painting from Denise Warren
The dog days of summer on Short Sands, York Beach
Saw the eclipse on a canal tour of Lowell
Dr. Suess museum in Springfield w/Marion
Saw Ragtime at the Ogunquit Playhouse
Stayed at the Naswa Resort on Lake Winnipesaukee
with Bob and Kathleen
checked out Castle in the Clouds
Back in Lowell
Warp and Weft opened with Jenny and the Gents
The Kinetic Sculpture Race
Surprise party for Mom's Birthday
City of Lights Parade
Snow for Diane's Birthday
We stayed warm near the fire at Andiamo's
The Nutcracker performed by Symphony ProMusica

Plays seen this year:
At the MRT:
The Making of a Great Moment
Women in Jeopardy!
My 80-Year-Old Boyfriend
The Royale
Silent Sky
A Christmas Carol

Music Events:
Symphony ProMusica
Son Volt
The Shods
Jenny Riddle and the Gents
Lowell Folk Festival (Favorite: Toronzo Cannon)

Comedians seen this year (probably incomplete)
Erik Anker
Peet Guercio
Jimmy Dunn
Dave Rattigan
Matty Blake
Carolyn Riley
Lamont Price
Mike Prior
Steve Calechman
Mark Riley
(Various) Show at The Burren (Aug. 9th)

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