Chris & Diane's 2014 Yule Blog

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Happy Holidays, from Chris & Diane Geggis!
<- Radio City Music Hall, Rockettes

Note: If you click on the pics you'll get full resolution.
Times Square
Painting of Lowell on a Vintage Snow Sled displayed in store window
Augusta Maine visit in January->
Golden Gloves at the Lowell Auditorium
Robbie Printz (lots of good comedy this year) in Lowell
Celtics on Groundhog Day
Wolf Pack Weekend in Bethel
Subscribed to the Theatre this year
Set for Equally Divided pictured
Hard Rock Cafe, Philipsburg, Saint Marteen, Virgin Islands, April 3rd
Behind the scenes on the Allure of the Seas
4/20 on the Boston Common and you know what that means!
It means they're setting up for the Boston Marathon, of course!
Finally saw, The Book of Mormon
Spring at the Four Seasons
Mother's Day at the Cape Arundel Inn overlooking Walker Point
Open Doors Lowell - The Greek Orthodox Church mosaics
Annual fundraider for Women of NECC at the Lagasse's in Newburyport
Our Kitchen and Bath in June
The Great Race started in Ogunquit and proceeded to Lowell
Spent a lot of the summer in York
Saw Robert Redford talk at the beginning of July
My cousin, Chrissi, visited mid-July
The General Store at Strawbery Banke, Portsmouth, NH
The Lowell Folk Festival
Aunt Barbie and Uncle Pat along with my cousins
visited at the end of July
We went to Newport, RI to see the mansions
and go to the 60th annual Jazz Festival
My Father was at the first one!
People lined up to buy the iPhone 6
I took the picture with my Samsung Note IV
30 year reunion with Peter Sullivan and Donna Lagana
My sister visited from Florida
On top of Mount Agamenticus
Had a few dinners at Mike Cavin's place
(grateful since we had no kitchen)
Speaking of the kitchen...October 28th...
Saw some great shows at Scullers (Acoustic Alchemy pictured)
Jorge and Kathleen's 25th Anniversary Party
Headed towards Philly for my parents 50th Anniversary party
Stopped at the Constitution Center
Stared down William Paterson of New Jersey
Saw a great light show at Franklin Square
The 50th Anniversary Party was at Drexelbrook
The Kitchen and Bathroom are (almost all) done (12/20/14)!
It's a Christmas Miracle!
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Comedians seen this year:
Lenny Clarke (twice)
Christine Hurley
Steve Sweeney
Tony V
Miguel Washington
Mike Koutrobis
Bryan Sobolewski
Andrew Norelli
Joe Yanetty (twice)
Robbie Printz

Plays seen this year:
At the MRT:
Equally Divided
The Devil’s Music: The Life and Blues of Bessie Smith
Talley’s Folly
The Reduced Shakespeare Company in
The Complete History of Comedy (abridged)
Year Zero
Dusk Rings a Bell
13 Things about Ed Carpolotti
The Allure of the Seas:
Blue Planet
OceanAria Aqua Show
At the Hunnington Theatre:
Smart People
At the Boston Opera House:
The Book of Mormon

Music Events:
Lowell Folk Festival (Favorite: Marquise Knox)
Newport Jazz Festival (Favorite: Wynton Marsalis)
Lee Ritenour
Acoustic Alchemy