Chris & Diane's 2013 Yule Blog

Happy Holidays, from the Chris & Diane Geggis!
<- Mohegan Sun Gingerbread House

Note: If you click on the pics you'll get full resolution.
|Bryant Park
Time Warner Center (Columbus Circle)
Trump Tower->
Karen Curtis Wine Stoppers
v @ Grand Central Station
Below and Above 30 Rock
Carribean Cruise Pinball in Ft Lauderdale
Followed by actual Carribean Cruise
Feb 27 in the Cayman Islands
Feb 28 in Cozumel, Mexico
Annual Sunday River Trip
Met Ben Mezrich in Lowell
Saw the Rolling Stones in Boston!
Went to the Faulkner's new place in Saco, ME
Saw a stage production of Annie in Portsmouth
Summer Music!
Tanglewood and the Lowell Folk Festival
Brennans and the Bresnahans in York
Christmas in July
Remy makes a friend on the beach
Chauncy Creek and Red Sox
Lowell to Acton Bike Path
Portugal & Spain & Morocco
Many more pictures behind the link

Niagara Falls
The Red Sox made it to the World Series and so did we!
We had a great Thanksgiving Day dinner in Newton with my cousin's family
Hope you have a great Holiday season!