Chris & Diane's 2010 Yule Blog

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Happy Holidays, from the Chris & Diane Geggis! Miami Beach 2010. Below the mayor of Lowell at the grand opening of Lowell's Lowe's.

Note: If you click on the pics you'll get full resolution.
The yearly sojourn to Sunday River.
We spent most of the year remodeling our new place in Lowell, but we allowed ourselves one really fun weekend in Boston to watch the Red Sox play the Yankees on opening day.
Pedro Martinez threw out the first ceremonial pitch.
Josh Beckett threw out the first actual pitch.
Steven Tyler sang God Bless America.
Neil Diamond sang Sweet Caroline.
We spent some quality time up in Maine visiting my parents. Below, my cousin Sandra got married in June.
My Aunt Barbara and Uncle Pat helped me model a piece of the Berlin Wall which was brought over from Berlin to the place where the wedding was held.
My friends parents (Jean and Will Winslow) celebrated their 50th wedding aniversary with a surprise party. My parents attended the party since they are friends with my friends parents. Below is my most artistic picture of the year taken from our porch in Lowell. We also attended an Air Show in Portsmouth, NH.
My cousin Cathie had another great cookout this summer. Patrick and Jack Brennan came up for a visit this summer. Diane bought a Mustang convertible, and sometimes she let's Chris drive.
Cathie had us over for Thanksgiving and I saw her sister Leslie who I hadn't seen in many years. Below is a sample of Before/After pictures of roughtly the same view of the place we're remodeling in Lowell. Happy Holidays! Chris & Diane
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