Chris & Diane's 2009 Yule Blog

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Happy (Belated) Holidays, from the Chris & Diane Geggis! Times Square Christmas 2008, Helicopter ride over Manhattan and Madame Tussad's Wax Museum.

Note: If you click on the pics you'll get full resolution.
Diane couldn't decide between George Clooney or me and I couldn't decide between music or basketball, but somehow I ended up in computers.
Cold Snowy New Year's in Boston
Airboat ride in the Everglades. Diane recognized Bob Freer from Animal Planet. He was witty too. He said, "So you're the one who's been watching."
January 2009 Florida family portrait. Below, Annual Sunday River trip and the house we bought in April next to downtown Lowell.
My cousins came up to Vacationland from the City of Brotherly Love. Here they performed the Larry Bird/Dr. J embrace. Click Here for the original photo.
We went to a fight and a baseball game broke out. Kevin Youklis rushed the mound. Below the Bruce Freeman Bicycle Rail trail opened 24 years after it was concieved. Chris's 25th reunion was in September at Salvatore's in Lawrence.
We went down to the City of Brotherly Love to see our cousins. Last year I teased Senator Kerry by saying he was getting votes by handing out candy on Halloween. He won the election and he was still giving out lots of candy anyway. I admire his willingness to share his public life with the people of the Commonwealth.
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