Chris & Diane's 2008 Yule Blog

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Happy Holidays, from the Chris & Diane Geggis! Chris, Bob Dean, and Bob Hogan did their annual run up to Sunday River. We posed in front of what was billed as the World's Tallest snowman in Bethel, Maine.

Note: If you click on the pics you'll get full resolution.
We purchased a Labradoodle from Angelica and Stephen Down in Readfield, Maine. We did a little skiing at Sugarloaf when we went to pick him out. We ended up naming him Remy. His original name was Burgundy Boy. Remy-Martin is a Burgundy Cognac and Jerry Remy is the name of the Red Sox announcer and former second baseman.
Chris, Tony, and Lori got adventerous in April and went Skydiving at Jumptown in Orange, MA. It was a thrilling experience.
We enjoyed a few lobsters this summer at Chauncy Creek Lobster Pound.
Well the Patriots had a good year with a bad finish. The Celtics went all the way and Chris went to the Celtic's parade to celebrate the victory.
A wild turkey moved into the neighborhood and he or she was apparently not bothered by the human, the dog, or the cat that surrounded it. We haven't seen the turkey since just before Thanksgiving.
We went to a Fourth of July barbeque at Tony's house. We made a fitting fruit arrangement for the occaision.
My cousins came up to visit my parents in late July and again in late October. They helped my father celebrate his birthday.

In early August we took a trip with Chris's parents and sister to Ireland. A complete photo documentary of the trip can be seen at


We went to Karen Westphalen's surprise birthday party which was held in her brother Olaf's backyard. Her other brother Detlaff can be seen just under the light that distorted my otherwise decent pic.
Most deer that come to our bird feeder don't have antlers. This one did.
Karen Westphan was sponsored by the Lowell Cultural Council to put together an exhibit on Lowell Bridges. We participated in the making of the exhibit by going to the photo shoot of the School Street Bridge and assisting with the lighting. Here is the artist posing in front of her exhibit.
We have spent the last 3 Halloweens touring Beacon Hill. This year Senator Kerry was up for re-election so he was handing out free candy to the throngs. I guess the tactic worked. He won.
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I hope you enjoyed our Yule Blog. Merry Christmas. We can always be reached by putting anything in front of Our first names in front of @ works best but I can't publish that on the internet unless I want to get more spam.